Electronics Packaging

Pioneers in ESD packaging, specializing in MedXstat materials, high end conductive Virgin PETG

Seashell - Electronics Packaging

Being pioneers in the ESD packaging market, IPF offer a wide range of thermoformable materials from Anti-Static to Electro-Static Dissipative  to Conductive.  Materials are available in APET, RPET, PETG, HIPS and PVC in custom slit widths and thickness from .010” to .050”.

IPF’s specialty MedXStat materials are presently being used in the Medical Electronics industries where extremely stringent requirements are required for ESD as well as cleanliness and low outgassing.

Whether you need a low cost disposable package made from Recycled PET or a High End Conductive material made from Virgin PETG, IPF have the solution to your requirement.

IPF Materials meet or exceed the requirements of the ESD Association as well as Military Specifications for Surface Resistivity and Static Decay.

Electronics Packaging
  • Custom extruded APET, RPET, PETG and Polypropylene
  • Custom slit on 3” or 6” cores
  • Meets ESD/EOS requirements for SR and Static Decay
  • Static Dissipative, Conductive and Anti-static materials available
  • Custom  matched colours